Dhour winter

I’m originally from the mountain town of Dhour El Choueir in Lebanon (see photo above). I’m interested in a variety of topics ranging from math and physics to philosophy and politics; as such, the blog accompanying this website will reflect those varied interests, and will not focus on any particular theme. However, if you have an interest only in a particular category, please go to the main page of the blog, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the category of your choice (each blog post is tagged with a particular category, so you’ll be able to load all blog posts within a category). 

From a professional perspective, I currently work for ExxonMobil in Houston. More information about my professional experience is available at my LinkedIn profile.

From an academic perspective, I graduated from McGill University in Montreal with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, and from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh with a PhD in Chemical Engineering, focused on mathematical optimization (my PhD advisor was Ignacio Grossmann). I’m also currently pursuing a philosophy degree (remotely) at the University of London (directed by Birkbeck). More information about my academic experience is available at my Google Scholar profile.

From an extra-curricular perspective, I’m a member of the BDS Houston collective, and sit on the Executive Committee of the Houston Palestine Film Festival (HPFF). I also occasionally write for Mondoweiss, and you can follow me on Twitter and on Facebook.

Disclaimer: The opinions and views expressed by the author of this blog are solely his and do not reflect in any way the positions or views of ExxonMobil, BDS Houston, HPFF or any other organization that the author is affiliated with.

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