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Palestinian refugees flee Galilee in the fall of 1948 (Fred Csasznik)

You create a movement grounded in ethnic supremacism.

You conspire with imperialist powers to take that which is already taken.

You implement exclusionist and racist policies of land and labour.

You terrorize. You kill. You ethnically cleanse.

You prevent those whose land and homes you took from taking them back.

You dispossess. You refugize. You occupy.

You occupy and you burn down the olive trees. You demolish homes. You restrict movement. You torture. You blockade. You collectively punish.

You undignify. Oh how you relish taking away men and women’s dignity.

You pauperize and you ghettoize. You bantustanize. Apartheid? What’s that?

You meet rocks with bullets and courage with cowardice. Cowardice from the sea, the air, the land. You rain bombs on civilians and you dare trumpet your morality. You call us terrorists. You? Victims.

You want to live in Peace. But without Justice, there can be no Peace. And so we resist. And we resist. And we resist. And we will continue resisting until Humanity’s collective soul sees you for what you truly are. Labels you as the oppressor that you are. Perhaps then, you may be forced to right the historical wrongs that you have committed. Perhaps then, we can talk about real Peace. But until then, we refuse to stay silent. We refuse to disappear. We refuse to accept your conditions and we refuse to be subjugated to your suffocating will. And so we resist, each one of us in our own little way.