Protesters Nabatiyyeh

Demonstrators shout slogans during an anti-government protest in the southern city of Nabatiyyeh, Lebanon, on Thursday. (Reuters)

Some more details on the situation in Nabatiyyeh (South Lebanon) today, where peaceful protesters were assaulted by the municipality’s police, who belong to Amal and Hizballah. You rarely hear criticism of Hizballah by the locals there who tend to be very supportive of the party, so this is an important development. Salute to the protesters and people of Nabatiyyeh for standing their ground.


10/23/19 (Nabatiyyeh) – “This is how it all started in Nabatieh when the peaceful protestors were attacked. Lebanese army came afterwards and separated both groups. More protestors are joining and they’re refusing to leave the street. This city isn’t getting enough coverage, please share”

10/23/19 (Nabatiyyeh) – Young man describing how peaceful protesters were assaulted by the municipality’s thugs.

10/23/19 (Nabatiyyeh) – Powerful series of interviews (by Al Jadeed News) with the locals of Nabattiyeh who witnessed the assaults earlier in the day. Stinging criticism of Amal and Hizballah. Rarely do you hear criticism of Hizballah in the area, as the locals tend to be very supportive of the party.

10/23/19 (Nabatiyyeh) – Despite the assaults earlier in the day, the people of Nabatiyyeh remained steadfast and continued protesting throughout the night.

10/23/19 (Tripoli, North Lebanon) – Tripoli, who so far is the shining light of this uprising, sends Nabatiyyeh a message of solidarity: “Nabatiyyeh, Tripoli is with you until death” (not my video). In a tough day for the uprising, heartwarming to hear messages like this