Hezbollah and Amal supporters clash with protesters (Image Credit: Twitter)

Today 10/25/19 was a really tough day for the Lebanon uprising. Hizballah and Amal supporters went down to Riad Solh square (in Beirut) and intimidated and assaulted entire crowds of peaceful protesters. FPM supporters did the same in Jbeil. The Lebanese Forces, who had 4 ministers resign last week, have been trying to co-opt the movement in Jal-el-Deeb and trying to present themselves as part of the people (stop dreaming).

10/25/19 (Ring road) – Hizballah and Amal supporters (in black) assault peaceful protesters (see 0:17 where a girl gets knocked out), and proceed to dismantle protesters’ tents

10/25/19 (Riad Al Solh Square) – Nasrallah asking Hizballah supporters (who are beating protesters) to leave the squares; Nasrallah says “we can defend the resistance” (not my video)

10/25/19 (Riad Al Solh Square) – Hezballah and Amal supporters (in black) throwing projectiles at protesters; one supporter is heard in background insisting that no one insults Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

The lines are starting to become clearly drawn between those who are trying to subtly (or not so subtly) undermine the uprising (the corrupt political class and committed members of those sectarian political parties who stand to lose the most by virtue of this government falling), those who are trying to exploit it for opportunistic gain (e.g. Lebanese Forces) and those who support it (almost everyone else). The scenes today were disheartening, and I fear that the uprising will be a dragged out affair, with the ruling class counting on physical and emotional exhaustion of protesters and /or internal divisions to disintegrate it.

On the other hand, I’ve been heartened to see calls for a million-man show of support for the uprising tomorrow (on 10/26/19) and a human chain from Sour to Tripoli, from the very South to the very North of the country (on 10/27/19).

To the protesters: we are with you, and we’ll do our best to support you even though we are oceans away. Don’t lose hope, and stand strong and proud. Don’t let thugs intimidate you. This is your best chance to change the country for the better, and for all of us. Nothing but love and admiration to you all.