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If you’re remotely pro-Palestinian, you shouldn’t be cheering for the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals (and you should be cheering for the Warriors). Here’s why:

Warriors Stadium

Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors, Oakland Oracle Arena (Florent Lamoureux)

P1) If Toronto wins, Raptors owner Larry Tanenbaum is on record as stating that he plans to take the team to Israel

P2) Given Tanenbaum’s role in pro-Israel lobbying & advocacy (he founded the fanatically pro-Israel “Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs”), it is fair to assume that the purpose of the trip is to normalize Israel via sports

P3) Going on a trip to Israel whose purpose is to normalize is an act of normalization under any circumstance (i.e. waiving Palestinian flags on the trip does not make it a non-normalizing act)

P4) I have no good grounds to believe that Raptors players will refuse to go to Israel if their owner so desires


C1) If the Raptors win, Israel will be normalized via sports

P5) I don’t want Israel to be normalized via sports


C2) I should cheer against Toronto

P6) There are no good grounds to believe that Israel would be normalized via sports if the Warriors win


C3) I should cheer for Golden State.

Also, Drake. You should always cheer against Drake.