thug 2 riad al solh

10/29/19 (Riad Al Solh Square) – Widely shared photo of Amal thug threatening to beat defenseless woman (not my photo)

Thug Riad al solh

10/29/19 (Riad Al Solh Square) – Widely shared photo of Amal thug beating defenseless protester (not my photo)

Supporters of the Amal movement (pertaining to our corrupt speaker of the House Nabih Berri) absolutely wreaked havoc today in Beirut, more specifically beating up protesters on Ring Road who were blocking the bridge and then going down to Riad Solh and destroying the tents and encampments in the square, as well as beating more protesters present at the time. Some really ugly scenes there (see videos and pictures below), where thugs were intimidating and beating up everyone, including women. Pure unadulterated cowardice that has been met by revulsion across the country.

I should also mention that there’s some controversy around whether Hizballah supporters were among the thugs, or whether it was solely Amal. In the interest of fairness and integrity, it’s important to note that it’s not 100% clear at this point. Nasrallah asked his supporters to leave the streets on 10/25/19, and although we do know for sure that there were chants / expressions of support for Nasrallah and Hizballah coming from these people, some have said that Amal thugs have a history of using these chants to fool people into thinking they’re Hizballah (there have been some tensions between the organizations over the past year). If you have more information, please let me know, but regardless and at a minimum, we can say that Hizballah didn’t disapprove of the displays of violence today (whether they participated or not).

10/29/2019 (Ring Road, Beirut) РThugs beating up on peaceful protesters  (not my video)

10/29/19 (Ring Road, Beirut) – Amal supporters cursing and throwing rocks at peaceful protesters, claiming they are supporters of the Resistance while chanting for Nabih Berri

10/29/19 (Ring Road, Beirut) – Thug expressing his support for Nasrallah (saying “anyone against Nasrallah should immediately leave”). Unknown whether this is a Hizballah supporter or an Amal supporter feigning support for Nasrallah, as discussed in post

10/29/19 (Riad Al Solh Square) – Thugs beating up protesters. A picture of the woman running away in this video while being threatened with a wood stick has already become an iconic picture that has been widely shared

10/29/2019 (Riad Al Solh Square) – Thug pushing down a defenseless woman from behind (not my video)

10/29/19 (Riad Al Solh Square) – Thugs destroying protester tents